Friday, April 8, 2011

SHE WORE MAN'S PANTS (#fridayflash)

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Jackie Lee swigged the Beam and turned on the Crosley. Patsy Cline was on Arthur Godfrey's show and she cranked it, bobbing her head.

"Turn that down, girl," Junebug said. "Gotta think..."

"'Bout what? You prolly did this more times than I care to know any 'ol how," Jackie Lee told him.

"So?" Junebug barked back. "Doesn't mean I still don't need to think. Now shut that damn radio before I have to. And pass me that Beam."

She sucked her lip and brought him the bottle. Junebug swigged a slurp, wiped his lips on his sleeve and grabbed Jackie Lee by the waist.

"Whatchoo doin'?" she asked, smiling.

"How 'bout one for the road?" he suggested.

She smirked, tugged at his pants and pulled out the pistol. The one that shot bullets.

"Hey now, Honey Pie..." Junebug said. "...Hand it back. I ain't playin'."

She pointed at the mirror, imitating the sound of gunfire. "Freeze!"

"You gonna hurt someone if you keep acting the fool," Junebug warned. "Now, c'mon, I gotta get."

Jackie Lee got serious and looked Junebug dead in the eye and asked, "Hows about I tag along?"

He laughed at the girl. "That liquor goin' to your brain? I can't trust you. You're all lick and a promise..."

"You know as well as I do my daddy always said I was gospel smart," Jackie Lee bragged.

He shook his head. "You must be already half-roostered. Full as a tick..." He looked at her with the gun and cracked up again.

She didn't find it funny and lit a Pall Mall with Junebug's Zippo. "I said I'm coming..."

"Like Hell you are," Junebug barked back as he lit his own cigarette and blew the smoke smack dab back at her. "Last thing I need is for you gettin' hurt. Or worse -- doin' or sayin' something stupid so I get hurt."

Saying nothing, she opened the bedroom window and shot towards his '43 Chevy.

Junebug ran towards her but she pointed the gun at him and he stopped. "If I ain't goin', you ain't goin'. I'll pop those tires one by one and maybe even you in the foot."

Her man stared at her hard. When Jackie Lee got like this, there was no arguing. He thought it over. "I'll let you drive. Take it or leave it."

She smiled and kissed him. "I accept."

Jackie Lee cranked up the Patsy Cline, took one last swig of the Beam and held out the pistol saying, "Let's go dry gulch these sorry sacks of shit..."

Music: Patsy Cline - "In Care Of The Blues." It can be downloaded HERE.


  1. Great voice in this. And I love, "You're all lick and a promise..."

  2. I really admire the way you use the dialogue of that era.

    ...tugged at his pants and pulled out the pistol. The one that shot bullets.

    That line was great.

  3. Love, love, love it Ant! This is definitely a favorite, one you should consider submitting for the BOFF 2.

    And thanks for the link to Patsy, she's a fav too.

  4. Their voices definitely carry it, authentic pulp sound waiting for the screen.

  5. Great voice and excellent lines - love the feel of this one!

  6. Great characters in this story. I love the feel.

  7. I can't believe I've never heard that Patsy song! And that photo is fantastic. But of course, the writing is the star. Always great to stop by here.

  8. I agree with Alan, you use dialogue very well to the period.

    And I just loved this line: "She smirked, tugged at his pants and pulled out the pistol. The one that shot bullets."

    Classy and slinky writing as always, Ant.


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