Monday, February 8, 2010


"I'm in Fresno and boy... Am I fucked up..."

Every year Men's Health magazine rates the "Drunkest Cities in America" by measuring such data as death rates from alcoholic liver disease, booze-fueled car crashes, frequency of binge-drinking in the past 30 days, number of DUI arrests, and severity of DUI penalties.

For 2010, the health mag has named Fresno, California as the nation's most effed up city.

The yearly study also analyzes both alcohol consumption and the serious effects it can have on the community at large. Last year’s winner, Denver, fell down to 17 so I guess congratulations are in order...

Others in the top five include Reno, Billings (Montana), Riverside (California), and Austin (Texas).

The entire list of the 50 Most Drunk American Cities continues after the jump.

Big cities faired surprisingly well with such hot spots as New York City, Miami, and Boston all finishing amongst the 10 “least drunk” with Philadelphia just outside. The thinking is that there are more health-conscious people in the heavily-populated cities.

See where your city ranks among the drunkest towns in America:. The full list falls from “most drunk” to “least drunk.” Each city name is also followed by a grade.

1.) Fresno, CA GRADE F
2.) Reno, NV F
3.) Billings, MT F
4.) Riverside, CA F
5.) Austin, TX F
6.) St. Louis, MO F
7.) San Antonio, TX F
8.) Lubbock, TX F
9.) Tucson, AZ F
10.) Bakersfield, CA F
11.) Las Vegas, NV F
12.) Modesto, CA F
13.) Columbia, SC F
14.) Nashville, TN D-
15.) Madison, WI D-
16.) Colorado Springs, CO D-
17.) Denver, CO D-
18.) Phoenix, AZ D-
19.) Cheyenne, WY D-
20.) Sacramento, CA D-
21.) New Orleans, LA D-
22.) Toledo, OH D
23.) Aurora, CO D
24.) El Paso, TX D
25.) Corpus Christi, TX D
26.) Fargo, ND D
27.) San Diego, CA D
28.) Lexington, KY D
29.) Tampa, FL D
30.) Albuquerque, NM D
31.) Oklahoma City, OK D+
32.) Tulsa, OK D+
33.) Jacksonville, FL D+
34.) Detroit, MI D+
35.) Boise City, ID D+
36.) Kansas City, MO D+
37.) Washington, DC D+
38.) Montgomery, AL D+
39.) Omaha, NE D+
40.) Portland, OR D+
41.) Anchorage, AK D+
42.) Birmingham, AL D+
43.) Greensboro, NC C-
44.) Wichita, KS C-
45.) St. Petersburg, FL C-
46.) Burlington, VT C-
47.) Houston, TX C-
48.) Los Angeles, CA C-
49.) Charleston, WV C
50.) Orlando, FL C
51.) Spokane, WA C
52.) Lincoln, NE C
53.) Arlington, TX C
54.) Des Moines, IA C
55.) Fort Worth, TX C
56.) Providence, RI C
57.) Anaheim, CA C
58.) Milwaukee, WI C
59.) Pittsburgh, PA C
60.) Baltimore, MD C
61.) Indianapolis, IN C
62.) Louisville, KY C
63.) Raleigh, NC C
64.) Seattle, WA C+
65.) Grand Rapids, MI C+
66.) Buffalo, NY C+
67.) Wilmington, DE C+
68.) Hartford, CT C+
69.) Sioux Falls, SD C+
70.) Virginia Beach, VA C+
71.) Memphis, TN C+
72.) Cincinnati, OH C+
73.) Cleveland, OH C+
74.) Charlotte, NC C+
75.) Oakland, CA C+
76.) Little Rock, AR B-
77.) Dallas, TX B-
78.) Richmond, VA B-
79.) San Jose, CA B-
80.) Minneapolis, MN B-
81.) Jackson, MS B-
82.) Jersey City, NJ B-
83.) Columbus, OH B-
84.) Atlanta, GA B-
85.) Chicago, IL B
86.) San Francisco, CA B
87.) St. Paul, MN B
88.) Honolulu, HI B
89.) Philadelphia, PA B+
90.) Portland, ME B+
91.) Manchester, NH B+
92.) Fort Wayne, IN A-
93.) New York, NY A-
94.) Durham, NC A
95.) Newark, NH A
96.) Miami, FL A
97.) Salt Lake City, UT A
98.) Rochester, NY A+
99.) Yonkers, NY A+
100.) Boston, MA A+


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  2. Holy crap there's a lot of drunk people out there. Love that 'effed' up.
    I'm not surprised to see Portland on there—we are second behind Germany in the number of breweries per capita; they compete with Starbucks on corner blocks. Then we have two annual Brewer's Fest every year, summer and winter solstices, not counting Mardi Gras and St. Patty's Day...I imagine will need to honor the equinoxes in the future too.
    And don’t get me started on marijuana ;-)


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